Training and Individual Coaching Program Details

The words we speak have and hold power and influence over our internal and external feelings, mood, emotions and outcomes. When we bring awareness to how our words are manifesting, shaping and creating scenarios in our lives, we have the power to change it. Words create, shape and reflect our purpose, mission and intention.

What does this program include?

In my 10 week 1-hour mentoring and coaching sessions, we will work on building your confidence around facing your fears, communicating with confidence, finding clarity around your message and skillsets, how to add value to the marketplace and how to find your communicating style. This are virtual Zoom based hourly sessions.

What does the program include?

  • Practical techniques to determine your strengths, weaknesses, skillsets, personal goals and areas to boost your communication confidence.
  • One-on-one support-based sessions to help guide you every step of the way.
  • Techniques on how to communicate with confidence and walk into any space feeling empowered.
  • How to use your words to empower yourself and others.

Fee Structure

The fee for this 10-week one-hour program will be $2500.00.
Individual 1-hour sessions are $300.00.

Who will benefit most?

  • Career and business professionals who are motivated to speak and communicate with confidence.
  • Professionals who are ready to communicate with confidence, feel empowered and claim their place in the marketplace, industry or in their everyday lives.
  • Career professionals, seeking clarity around their skillsets, talents, goals and career vision.

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