“I really enjoyed being on Desmore’s podcast – we could have chatted forever! Desmore is very easy to talk to and our conversation flowed effortlessly. The whole podcast experience is a lot of fun, and I feel privileged to contribute to Desmore’s mission to create more positive media and help people feel good about themselves. Desmore is passionate about promoting her guests and their stories, and is a fabulous interviewer from all her experience in media. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and really appreciate being one of her guests. Go take a listen!” Rebecca Livesey


“Desmore is a bundle of smiles, burst of colour and positive energy.  She absolutely practices what she preaches and you can feel it in her energy.  I’m super grateful for having attracted her into my tribe and look forward to working together to create more ‘feel good’ energy in the world!”
Designer + Stylist
“Creating spaces that make you feel good”


“Connecting with you Desmore has been a life-changing experience, thank you for being an inspirational human being, your voice inspired me.”


“Having you MC at our Milton State School events was such a joyous occasion. The crowd, kids and audience loved your vibrant energy. Thank you Desmore for sharing your talents and skillsets with us.” Event Coordinator

“I had never been on a Podcast before, so it was an exciting new experience!  I needn’t have felt nervous either as Desmore is so engaging, warm and inquisitive with excellent questions enthusiastically designed to put me in the best light.  I enjoyed being a Desmore Chats guest so much I’ve now got other podcast shows booked in! Woo hoo! Thanks Desmore.”

I had the absolute pleasure and honour of being a guest on The Desmore Chats With Podcast, speaking with Desmore Samios about empowerment and my book Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Women. I have to say it was the most amazing experience of my life. Desmore is an intuitive, insightful, and thoughtful interviewer who’s own depth of wisdom and experience creates an alchemy with her guest to take the conversation another level. Desmore invited me on her show again to speak about the importance of connecting with our self-love. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house because of the alchemy we created through connecting with each other heart to heart and birthing profound wisdom. Thank you so much Desmore for having me as your guest and for the inspiring work you do to help people feel good about themselves. – Illira Margaritis
Thank you very much for having me on your show! It was fantastic to meet you, I had a lot of fun and hope your listeners enjoy the podcast and connect with our conversation.  You’re very inspiring and am so glad you’ve created The Desmore Chats With Podcast for the benefit of so many people. This world needs more people like you!! Absolutely thrilled to be a part of it! – Tracie Hyam Connor


“Rarely does an interview get to the heart of what I love about Feng Shui and Desmore brought that out of me in her studio recently. It was so very awesome because to me; it’s the vibration of our emotions and that stems from our thinking which is influenced by our environment, that creates our reality.

Desmore you are a truly beautiful, inspiring gift on this planet and you live to lift others up and help them find that thing, their treasure within themselves so they shine, so they find the love and truth of who they really are and what’s truly possible for them. Many, many people talk this, in my experience very few follow through and almost no-one takes action on the scale you have committed to. Congratulations on allowing your light to shine on others and using that to inspire and empower your listeners to find the switch to activate their own brilliance. You are an inspiration and an agent for creation of a better, happier, healthier population on planet earth!! xo” Debra Jarvis

It was such fun to be a part of The Desmore Chats With Podcast.  From the beginning, I felt as though I had known Desmore for a long time and like we were good friends. Rapport was established quickly and we were able to connect and chat at such a raw and honest level about many different topics. This was before we even started the Podcast!  It was great to talk about the importance of our Sense of Self.  As a consultant, mentor and speaker to women we discussed the many roles that we play in life, and how at the end of the day – you need to know that you have ‘got your own back.’ The freedom of saying No and the power to saying Yes.  By knowing who you truly are empowers you to have the confidence to go out and step into your light.
Jessica Ritchie – Branding Expert
‘I had such an amazing time recording this podcast with Desmore! She’s incredibly warm and genuine, which made it so easy to connect with her and chat about topics we’re so passionate about! I look forward to staying connected with Desmore in the future.’
Dr Danielle McCarthy – Clinical Psychologist / Clinic Director

I had a delightful and warm experience with the lovely Desmore Samios. Her authentic style and nature made me feel so comfortable sharing who I am and what I do. That takes talent, passion and style. I love her direction and energy. I hope I can continue to work with her on some level in the future. She has so much to offer, and inspires others to bring out their authentic self in a beautiful graceful way. Meaghan Gardner


I am truly grateful to be invited into your studio and having the chance to share my story with you and your amazing audience. Much gratitude. Luke Amery

Desmore, I loved our conversation today!
Your passion for helping others find ways to feel good every day really shines through when you’re talking to your listeners. I could have spent all day with you because we share that desire for everyone to be free from the struggle so that they can experience more ease, flow and even magic in their lives by changing things little by little, day by day. You welcomed me into your space with open arms, and with an open mind; all the while having your listeners’ best interests at heart. Your voice is so soothing and calming, and the wisdom and insights you share are just so beautiful. I very much enjoyed hearing your thoughts about what I shared about all things intuition (I especially loved how you called it our ‘inner GPS’).
Thank you for inviting me to spend time with you and your listeners.
Karen Geddis


It’s vary rare in life’s journey that you meet someone with the honesty, compassion and genuine drive to help others. I can honestly say I found all these qualities in Desmore. Her energy is so positive, her passion so genuine, I was very grateful to have the opportunity to be on the podcast and share both our passions for visualisation and helping others achieve more in their daily lives.
Nick Savery

It was an absolute pleasure to come in and chat with Desmore. She is a consummate professional. Her on air personally is exactly who she is off air – warm, open, honest, oozing love and feel good vibes. We had fun! I felt privileged and humbled to be part of the experience, with the lovely Desmore, in sharing ancient wisdom applied to our daily finances, to inspire and empower listeners to learn to exercise self-control and feel good about our relationship with money.
Catherine Ellis

“Thank you so much for yesterday you are such an amazing lady and very inspirational. I am so glad that I had the privilege to meet you.  It was such a pleasure meeting you and I hope when you come to the coast you come and say Hi and maybe even do a class. I have listened to some of your podcasts as well as ours and I love how positive and vibrant your energy is. Thank you again for making me feel so comfortable and welcomed.”  Libby Wever


“I had an absolutely wonderful time taking part Desmore’s podcast show. I enjoyed talking to her about my own experience in establishing a PR and content marketing company along with juggling work and motherhood. Desmore is a particularly engaging host with an ability to put her guests at ease.  She knew all the right questions to ask to me to ensure an episode which demonstrated to her audience the joys along with hard times of establishing a business for a working mother.  Desmore is very knowledgeable about the growing podcast industry.  She is my go to woman for clients wanting to establish a podcast.” Nadine

“Desmore was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only did we share the same passion for the topic of women and mothers in the workforce, but Desmore is a consummate professional who made me feel completely at ease, and lead the podcast interview in an interesting and conversational way that I really believe listeners respond to. An overall enjoyable experience and a great way to generate discussion on topical and important issues. I look forward to the opportunity to do this again!” Jacqui Elliott


“It was a pleasure to be invited to take part in Desmore’s podcast show. I enjoyed talking with her about the public relations industry, my own professional journey and sharing tips with the audience about carrying out their own publicity too. She knows all the right questions to ask, and is a particularly engaging, patient and generous host. I would definitely work with her again, and have also shared Desmore’s details with a client of mine who would like to begin her own podcasts. Desmore is very knowledgeable about broadcasting and the various formats, so my client will be well looked after as she begins her own podcasting journey.” Kerry McDuling


“Desmore Samios who hosts The Desmore Chats With podcast allowed me on set for a podcast about a project I am doing empowering women nation wide called The Silver Linings book. It was such fun, happy and vibrate atmosphere to be in and around.” Manuela Darling

“I thoroughly enjoyed my podcast session with Desmore from Desmore Media. She is so professional, welcoming and makes the interview relaxed and fun. Desmore has her audience in mind with every question and digs deep to get great insights her audience can use. It was a pleasure to be on the show and I look forward to future collaborations.” Robyn Simpson


“As a personal branding expert I am often interviewed for business tips and insight but this interview was not only the most professional, it was also the most fun! Desmore is an absolute specialist in media and her vibrant personality puts you at ease instantly so you can share your story with ease. Her brand and her show is bright, cheery and exciting, and that’s what you can expect from her 100%.” Lauren Clemett


“I absolutely loved meeting and podcasting with Desmore. She had read my book, put a lot of effort into creating some really thought provoking questions, was incredibly enthusiastic and was an absolute pleasure to chat with. We could have chatted for hours. I loved every minute and hope to be on her show again one day.” Rachel Smith


“Desmore is the kindest, most hardworking and professional host you could wish to meet. She genuinely loves learning and you feel so valued when she’s interviewing you. I really enjoyed talking to her and was impressed by the depth and creativity of her questions. What an empowering experience.” Sarah Yip