Returning back into the workforce coaching can help you communicate your worth and value with confidence. No matter the career gap, returning back into the workforce, starting your own business or rebuilding your career can be a scary, fearful and daunting, leaving many women feeling anxious.

For many these are a few questions that may hold them back from sharing their value, skills, talents and expertise with the marketplace.

  • Am I still relevant and will people appreciate what I have to offer?
  • I haven’t been to a job interview in 5 years, I feel scared, anxious and nervous?
  • I have lost my communication confidence and unsure about how to communicate with clarity?
  • What if no one hires me, am I going to have to start from scratch?
  • What do I wear, how do I groom myself to feel more confident, professional and empowered?

In my 10 week 1-hour mentoring and coaching sessions, we will work on building your confidence around facing your fears, communicating with confidence, finding clarity around your skillsets, how to add value to the market place and role playing an interview preparation style process. This are virtual Zoom based hourly sessions.

What does the program include?

  • Practical techniques to determine your strengths, weaknesses, skillsets, personal goals and areas to boost your communication confidence.
  • Exploring social media platforms to rebuild and brand yourself and your skillsets.
  • One-on-one support-based sessions to help guide you every step of the way.
  • Techniques on how to communicate with confidence and walk into any space feeling empowered.
  • We will work on practical wardrobe, grooming and makeup ideas to leave you feeling confident.

Fee Structure

The fee for this 10-week one-hour program will be $2500.00.

Who will benefit most?

  • Career professionals who have taken a break from their career, looking to reivent themselves and add value to the market place.
  • Women are ready to communicate with confidence, feel empowered and claim their place in the marketplace.
  • Career professionals, seeking clarity around their skillsets, talents, goals and career vision.

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